Gas safety check is based on “Consumer Affairs Victoria Landlords / Property Managers Agreement”. As per the new Tenancy regulation’s 2021 starting March 29, 2021

Energy Safe Victoria Landlord Advisory Page

Here is a full list of the items checked off during the extensive testing:

All gas appliances located and listed

  • Negative air  testing
  • Carbon Monoxide spill testing
  • Do the gas appliances have certification
  • Test the gas appliances electrically safe
  • Sniffer/manometer testing for leaks/relight appliances
  • Inspect the gas fitting line integrity(pipework)
  • Testing of all flame failure devices
  • Inspection of all gas burners & flame normality 
  • Have the correct isolation valves been installed
  • Are the gas appliance’s components accessible for servicing and adjustment
  • Gas supply working pressure test & main meter check
  • Heat exchange integrity check
  • Appliance flue integrity check
  • Ventilation & make up air smoke testing     
  • Are the gas appliances operating correctly                                           

All checks documented via our gas safety certificate along with placement of dated gas appliance safety stickers. Repair quote or list of follow up appliance servicing requirements

This package costs $360.00 + GST

It takes into account our travel costs and labour.
Any time over 90 minutes will be charged at $45 + gst per quarter hour.
Most homes use the time allowed only.  

Carbon Monoxide the silent Killer

Australian Gas Technical Regulators Committee

Rooming house check list – See Commercial Gas Safety Checks