Carbon Monoxide Testing  – THE FACTS!

Gas appliance safety is not achieved via CO testing alone.  In fact it has been proven stand alone CO testing is very dangerous if being used to determine the safety of your gas appliance.

Gas appliance Safety can only be achieved via proper servicing of a gas appliance. This can only be carried out via a highly trained Type A gas appliance servicing specialist. Unfortunately someone who has done a 100 minute CO testers course is never going to be able to give you a 100% guarantee your gas appliance is safe. Regular proper servicing of your gas appliances with a properly qualified Technician is the only 100% safeguard on-going safe operation. This will also ensure that it is operating efficiently & will save you money. Only a qualified Type A gas service person has a full understanding of how your appliances operate and can provide 100% guarantee your gas appliance is safe.

Companies offering stand alone Carbon Monoxide testing are not only putting your safety at risk. They are cherry picking revenue from the hysteria of the risk of CO poisoning. Carbon Monoxide has never been a marker for spillage of natural gas combustion products. It has been proven to be an in-effective method along with being responsible for leaving unsafe gas heaters operational. A CO tested appliance deemed safe when in fact the heater has been spilling the whole time can be deadly. There is currently no standard in Australia for Carbon Monoxide detectors. Some work Some don’t! One day a heater will pass – next day it wont!

Focus on Carbon Monoxide testing is one dimensional and only a very small part in proper gas appliance servicing regime. Our technicians have a minimum advanced training in gas technologies of 6 years. Unlike the current 120 minute CO awareness training gasfitters are currently given.

We now compete for your business with companies offering Carbon Monoxide testing only. These companies have limited understanding of proper operation of gas appliances & ability to identifying root causes of any issues. Gas appliance’s can not be tested properly without being serviced prior to any CO/spillage testing. Hence we do not offer stand alone CO testing!  We do full servicing & testing for $260+gst. Guaranteeing 100% confidence your gas appliance is safe & working correctly.  Serviced by a fully insured Licensed Type A gas appliance technician.

All open flued gas appliances spill at start up & this is perfectly normal.  Hence without proper understanding and training you are wasting your money on testing purely for CO as it provides inconclusive results. This can be very costly in replacing a perfectly good gas appliance which only needed proper servicing or in fact not detecting dangerous spillage occurring which has gone undetected.

We continually attend jobs to find others have needlessly cut off gas appliances with misreads of their  CO detector recently purchased from Bunnings. The worst case scenario is natural gas appliances produces very little CO when new but can be spilling from the get go. Not until the burner starts to age will the CO component in the combustion products become detectable. Hence a CO meter will not pick up this fault and you will to put you and your family at extreme risk.  


When a negative air environment / space occurs. This is caused from extraction fans or other mechanical devices within the dwelling. Flue gases are drawn into the room from your gas appliance without being detected.  Our training has never relied upon CO detection.  We comprehensively test and check for all spillage products giving you 100% confidence your heater is safe. Don’t be fooled with low cost testing which in fact puts you at great risk. No proper gas appliance servicing can be completed under 1 hour with any of today’s gas appliances.

Current CO warnings to get your gas appliances tested for CO have undermined long standing holistic safe gas servicing methods.  Businesses like ours are struggling to communicate the tragic shortfalls. There are no current industry practises that can replace proper servicing and spillage testing. Our company has provided gas servicing for over 5 decades & 3 generation’s of fully Licensed gasfitters. Our services come with full warranties and certification of all our practises.

We continue to proactively lobby and advise government.  Our technical experts provide technical information to assist in correcting the many skewed gas safety initiatives.  Unfortunately most of the Government regulatory  safety strategies have been rolled out with little understanding of their consequence’s.  Along with many ridiculous political agendas & compromise.  We continue to lobby & try to educate our inexperienced regulators with limited success. Three generations of 50+ years of gas safety awareness gives all of our customers complete confidence their gas systems are 100% safe to operate. 

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