Total Gas Care Services are your marine gas safety certification specialists!

We offer Marine Gas Safety Audits. Gas Safety Certificates for insurance renewals and Energy Safe Victoria Gas Compliance plate applications.  These are Compliance plates are recognized nationally.

We specialise in all things gas, including onboard gas systems for yachts and pleasure craft. Our technicians are fully qualified gas engineers and experts in all aspects of gas safety and installation.

We are enthusiastic about boats and active sailors giving you that extra confidence in our ability and peace of mind that your pride and joy is well cared for.

In accordance with the national standard AS/NZS 5601.2.2020 and AS 4575.2019, Boating Victoria and Marine Insurance providers require all watercraft operating gas to hold safety certification.

Our checks are well documented via our Gas Safety report, appliances photographed &logged, along with dated safety stickers.

Our package is $360.00 + GST (T&Cs apply) and includes assessment and testing of the following:

  • Gas cylinders
    • Installation
    • Orientation & Restraint
    • Corrosion Protection
    • Multi-cylinder set up
    • Overheat exposure & risk
    • Compartment ventilation
  • Regulators
    • Installation
    • Placement
    • Outlet Pressure
    • Pigtail drain back
    • Hose checks
  • Piping and Valves
    • Installation
    • Support and Fixings
    • Hose Assemblies
    • Cylinder Connections
    • Shut-Off Valves
    • Quick-Connect Devices
    • Bulkhead seals
    • Manometer testing
  • Appliances
    • Installation
    • Clearances
    • Warning Labels
    • Connections
    • Combustible surfaces
  • Ventilation
    • System Adequacy – Fixed/opening warnings
    • Gas Detection / Carbon Monoxide Spillage Exposure
    • Co spillage testing
  • Flues
    • Installation
    • Environmental Exposure
    • Clearances
    • Exclusion zones
  • Testing & Commissioning
    • Evaluating all gas appliances are in safe working order
    • Gas Tightness
    • Flame failure protection
    • Testing & Purge of Installation
    • Ignition Checks and Adjustments
    • Flue Performance
    • Evaluation and Testing of All Safety Devices
    • Providing Instruction & Safe Operation of Appliances
    • CO spillage testing


  • Terms & Conditions: the package cost advertised is based on the marine checks being done at Sandringham or Brighton Marinas – day berths can be arranged at both marinas.
  • For boats located at – Martha Cove, St Kilda, Williamstown, Docklands the cost is $460.00 + GST 
  • For boats in outer regional areas Newhaven, Hastings, Blairgowrie, Queenscliff, Geelong & Wyndham $560+gst.
  • Extra charges are to accommodate the additional time and travel, however, if multiple vessels can be checked at the same time we can split the added travel costs.

Some of these links are outdated and the regulator has been advised as the current standard is now AS5601.2.2020 (not 2013 as per the brochures)

We can help achieved all vessels certification & carry out surveys to meet the relevant standards